Calculating the height of formation of the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights or Aurora is a phenomenon in the form of glitter or glow in the night sky visible in areas of high latitudes (Arctic and Antarctic), but occasionally it may appear at lower latitudes for short periods of time.

11 November, 2015

Through this activity we will learn how to calculate the height of formation of the Northern Lights from digital photos. The objectives that we want to achieved are:

  1. Implement a methodology for the calculation of a physical parameter (height) from an observable (digital images) as a technique for teaching applications, documentaries and research. Apply knowledge of trigonometry and basic atomic physics.
  2. Understand and apply basic statistical techniques (error calculations).
  3. Understand and apply basic analytical techniques of images (angular scale, height of stars, …).
  4. Work cooperatively as a team, valuing individual contributions and expressing democratic attitudes.
  5. Contributing to scientific knowledge of the Aurora and Solar Activity.
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