Is it true that the moon is moving away from Earth?

Is it true that the moon is moving away from Earth?

“Lorea: Is it true that the moon is moving away from Earth?”

If right. Nice and easy answer questions.

The gravitational pull of the Moon exerts on Earth has its effect more evident in the rise and fall of our oceans. This “tidal effect” makes the speed of rotation of the Earth decreases so very slow but gradual;whereby the angular momentum of the system, Earth-Moon decline.But the angular momentum of any physical system must remain constant and that is why the system itself evolves increasing its distance from the center of rotation. The Earth-Moon system is separated just under 4 centimeters per year.

NOTE: The angular momentum of one or more objects that revolve around a point is a physical quantity that takes into account the radius and speed of rotation must remain constant the product of both. So if the speed decreases, the distance of rotation should increase.
Analogy: the ice skater spinning on itself, and want to increase your speed, you know that to achieve this must shrink its members, arms and legs.

– Federico Fernández Porredón. Catedrático de secundaria en Física, química y astronomía


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