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Our goal is to disseminate and bring astronomy to schools


Issuance of astronomical events live from unique environments


Articles, news and opinions through our Blog. With periodic reporting, interviews, event announcements…

Didactic resources

teaching units and activities to bring them to the classroom or perform in groups.


Courses and training in astrophotography, obervaciones, instrumentation, application usage…


Talks on disclosure, use of telescopes, obervaciones … by specialists.

Heaven to Schools

Objective director astroaula.net Portal is to awaken interest in the students of secondary school and vocational training, for one Experimental Sciences Through Resource (Didactic Units, Chats, Activities) Astronomy.

Teaching resources offered on the portal are tools that should help high school teachers to introduce young students in the field of scientific research through conducting activities Astronomy. Students should familiarize themselves with the acquisition and processing of scientific data, and draw their own conclusions from them. In short, they understand the nature and procedures of a real scientific research. It aims to teach strategies for problem solving through the Scientific Method.

In our Virtual Classroom lectures we offer live, taught by astronomers and related activities / teaching units and an educational forum where teachers can raise questions about the activities / teaching units performed even publish their work centers.

Access our thematic talks

We have developed talks on various topics all related to astronomy. All lectures can be downloaded and manipulated whenever they are used for educational purposes and authorship of them is cited. All lectures are associated with a teaching unit or activity.

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